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As financial services continue to recover from the crisis and strengthen risk management practice, the focus remains on issues such as capital and liquidity management, the changing regulatory landscape and cost reduction. In a number of cases the road to continued economic growth and stability will require new business models and innovative approaches.


KPMG International provides audit and consulting services for around 20,000 financial institutions worldwide including the world’s largest banks, insurance companies, security companies and investment companies, mid-sized domestic players and small-scale specialists. Samjong KPMG possesses extensive and specialized knowledge which enables us to provide clients with value added service in all circumstances.

Our mission is supporting clients’ value creation and profitability with a profound understanding of the financial market.
KPMG member firms work closely with client around the world to help them develop appropriate strategies, manage the business and technology risks, and put in place the necessary implementation programs in a timely and effective way.

Samjong KPMG's approach is based on understanding the issues affecting the marketplace. We work closely with a number of leading industry organizations providing support in understanding and tackling some of the major issues facing the industry. We are also active in the sponsorship of industrywide research and events.


Samjong KPMG professionals support customized services regarding increasing regulatory pressure, risk management and BIS capital adequacy ratio based on Basel agreement, Tax system shift, anti-money laundering(AML) process structuring and various internal regulation structuring among others, regardless of the order of clients’ priority needs.

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