Many food & drink companies are facing rapid changes such as a recent increased desire for the well-being of society, changes in consumption patterns pursuing eco-friendly products, and green management regulations. Samjong KPMG strives to be the best strategic partner to strengthen the competitiveness of our clients through its various audit and consulting experiences in the confectionery, beverage, liquor, meat, and food and drink industries.


Successful retailers are those who focus on their customers and deliver the best shopping experience in both traditional and online store environments.
Yet challenges such as changing demographics, weakening consumer demand, fluctuations of regional economies, and globalization are pushing consumer-driven businesses to cut costs, offer more value, and provide better customer service.


To help meet these challenges, many retailers have turned to Samjong KPMG for guidance and advice. They know that the professionals in KPMG’s Retail practice combine deep industry knowledge with extensive experience working with retail clients in the food, non-food, and restaurant segments.


This experience allows us to provide Audit or Tax services to a wide range of retailers, from small start-ups to large chain operations. We also can provide retailers with guidance in such areas as improving performance, lease negotiations, and franchise offerings.


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Samjong KPMG is helping Food & Drink companies in the changing environment of sustainable growth and globalization on the basis of their experience and accumulated knowledge in the Food & Drink industry.
Also, by operating a Food & Drink Task Force Team, we are proposing solutions for the highest satisfaction to solve the commonly occurring food and beverage industry issues.

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