Samjong KPMG Alumni 

Your career in Samjong KPMG is not  over  even though you leave the firm.  Your career and  your dedication to Samjong will firmly remain.


There are many  Samjong employees who worked with us  either for a long  period of time or just for a couple of years.  Ultimately, regardless of wherever you decide to continue your career, our company respects your decision  and  is willing  to assist you by  utilizing our  excellent network  system.  We also certainly believe that  the work experiences  you have gained with us will be a useful asset in your future career.

Become part of a powerful alumni network

KPMG’s Alumni Program is  specially designed to provide an excellent network system for business professionals.


The program is made for everyone who has been with Samjong KPMG and  we believe that  you will  be able to improve your  business and social network through the program.  KPMG  will provide useful information  to you by continuous business collaboration with firms.
Again, we hope you receive valuable information from  the KPMG Alumni program.