Corporate Citizenship  

Samjong KPMG’s Corporate Citizenship does only refer to its donation activity or employee’s volunteer work, but rather, the firm and each employee cultivating a relationship with the community through responsible decision-making  in the process of performing their duties. In addition, it is a strong will, a promise and  an action to make a sustainable society, by utilizing our resources in an environmentally friendly way.  Samjong KPMG performs a wide variety of activities in the field of education, environment, international development and  social service, and actively participates in pursuit of solutions to global issues such as climate change. 


To recognize the possibility of the creation of value and to realize equal educational opportunities, we are committed to supporting the education


Samjong KPMG takes part in the Green Initiative that supports environmentally-friendly corporate activities and leading to low carbon and green growth


Samjong KPMG as a corporate citizen, gives its full support to emergency aid and development activities utilizing our resources.

Community Programs

For the healthy development of a local community, Samjong KPMG invests for the long term and takes part in various programs of the local community.

Beautiful Partnership

Samjong KPMG and various NGOs are working together to make a better society.


Samjong KPMG welcomes all visitors wholeheartedly. Location