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 Frequently asked questions: PDF Documents

Frequently asked questions: PDF Documents
There are many PDF documents available across the KPMG web site. These contain more information than can generally be fitted onto a web page and have the added value of being formatted for easy printing. To read PDFs, you will need Adobe Reader

 Frequently asked questions: Search

Frequently asked questions: Search
The KPMG web site is expanding all the time as new content is added. The most important information is given prominence on our pages. However, there is also a great deal of additional material that you can find through our search function.

 How to Use RSS Feeds

How to Use RSS Feeds
RSS (Really Simple Syndication) provides a fast and effective way of seeing when the KPMG web site has added new content, through automatically updated lists.

Site requirement

In order to view the multimedia files on the KPMG web site, you will require the following software:
We advise you to use:
Microsoft internet Explorer 


PDF documents
To read PDF documents, you will need the free Adobe Reader 


To view video content, download the free Adobe Flash Player