The healthcare sector in India offers a potent mix of opportunities and challenges.
On the one hand, the significant gap between ‘required’ and ‘actual’ healthcare infrastructure has driven significant investment into assets like hospitals and other facilities over the years. In turn, the growing availability and affordability of healthcare is spurring demand for other services like diagnostics, pharmacies, equipment etc. The growth story of the healthcare industry is also contributed by many non healthcare corporates and private equity firms infusing the much needed resources (capital and non capital) . Due to the lower cost of procedures, India has become an attractive destination for medical tourism, and a base for clinical trials. The challenges that India Healthcare Inc faces on its way up are optimal utilization of resources, minimizing operational costs, maximizing performance and efficiency, scaling of business, rapidly evolving technology and globalisation of healthcare delivery quality and standards.

 How can we help

With deep industry experience, insight and technical support, KPMG firms are among the leaders in delivering a broad range of consulting, tax and advisory services to meet the unique needs of healthcare policy-makers, providers, vendors and payers. KPMG is committed to assist and empower clients in the healthcare sector to navigate these challenges, fix the optimal mix of strategy and capital, and define new bottom lines in the Indian healthcare industry. Our advisory propositions revolve around;


  • Market insight and Feasibility analysis: Market Research, Location Assessment & Business Plan Development, Competitor Profiling & Strategy Development, New Market Entry Strategies, Development of Expansion Plans (Horizontal & Vertical)
  • Transaction services and partnership assistance: Funding Assistance- Equity Syndication, Public Private Partnership- Transaction Advisory, Mergers & Acquisitions- Transaction Advisory, JV Assistance, Synergy Assessment
  • Turn around strategy assistance: Assessment of Existing Healthcare Facility, Operations & Process Advisory, Service Quality Enhancement by assisting in structuring Operating Model as per best practices, Business Process Reengineering, Internal & External Environment Assessment to improve Operational and Financial Outcomes
  • Due Diligence and benchmarking: Validation of Business Model (Technical & Financial), Review Project & Operating costs, Benchmarking of Business Model functions to Industry Standards (Technical & Financial)
  • Implementation assistance: Investment Assistance- Financial & Tax Due Diligence, Commissioning Assistance  (Pre construction planning, Tariffs, SOP, Manpower planning, HMIS, Brand Positioning & Hand Holding Phases), IT Advisory Services