Corporate Social Responsibility 

Corporate Citizenship in India stems from our commitment to our communities and uses the framework provided by the Millennium Development Goals to focus on the areas of development and education. In addition to this, we also focus on the environment and invest in rainwater harvesting and solar projects in the community.
Corporate Social Responsibility

We work with development partners (select Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and educational institutions) to create a measurable difference in our communities.  Employee engagement is a very important part of our program. Our employees put in their time and effort to support our development partners through pro bono inputs and also other volunteering efforts such as Make a Difference Days, mentoring school and college students for our various educational initiatives, participating in marathons and tree planting drives amongst others. 

Our initiatives revolve around three themes – Development, Environment and Education – a framework set by the International Board. The six determinants that have shaped our Corporate Citizenship program in India are:

Our values
Commitment to our communities is one of our values and encourages us to act as responsible corporate citizens

Our people
An overwhelming majority of our people ‘welcome a clear opportunity’ to volunteer for a charity or NGO

Experience in the community helps build rounded, interesting and socially aware people, who are valued by clients and colleagues alike

Climate change
The threat of climate change is one of the most complex issues facing businesses today

Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)
The global community has committed to the MDGs as a blueprint for tackling the most pressing issues of our time. The MDGs act as a guide for our programs and initiatives in the alleviation of entrenched poverty

Inclusive growth
The economy has grown rapidly, but there are enormous disparities in wealth

Clients have well developed corporate citizenship agendas and they seem happy to work with service providers who share their vision.