KPMG in India Advantage 

Our differentiation is derived from rapid, performance based, industry-tailored and technology-enabled business services delivered by some of the most talented professionals in the country.
KPMG in India Advantage

Brand and Reputation
• Strong, well-respected brand
• Viewed as a high-quality, conservative and ethical advisor, especially in India

The Global Scene
• Extremely high visibility of India within other KPMG member firms.

• On track to achieve our goal of 5000 people by 2010
• Consistent focus on people.

Performance Trends
• Growing consistently over the past three years.

Competitive Trends
• India is seen as a strategic market globally.

Client Relationships

• Need for cross-functional awareness
• Clients demanding value-add service.

Market Opportunities
• Introduction of new service lines and customized products/services.