HR Transformation 

In a rapidly changing and competitive marketplace, the Human Resources function plays a critical role in putting the appropriate structure, capabilities and systems in place to deliver value to the business.

Paulette Welsing

Paulette Welsing

HR Transformation Center of Excellence, Global Lead and Americas

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Robert Bolton

Robert Bolton

HR Transformation Center of Excellence, Global Lead and Europe

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War for talent – time to change direction

war for talent
In a recent global survey most respondents agreed there is a new war for talent, and this war is different than in the past.

KPMG’s 2013 report on global talent-related risk

Talent related risk
KPMG’s 2013 report on global talent-related risk shows why many organizations are struggling to win the war for talent.

HR as a driver for organizational innovation

HR innovation
It is widely accepted that innovation is vital to long-term success. HR must rise to this challenge.

Tune in to Talent

Tune in to Talent
A step-by-step approach for building a talent management strategy and implementation plan that’s right for the unique needs of each organization.

As the driver of an organization’s people agenda, the HR function is in a key position to deliver sustainable competitive advantage by being equally (if not more) accountable for achieving profitable growth as other mission-critical functions such as Finance and IT.

KPMG’s HR Transformation professionals advise and work with HR and other senior executives to increase the value of HR in a number of mission-critical areas. They help leadership teams to:

  • Identify and manage talent by focusing on the people and roles that deliver differentiated value.
  • Create authentic organization cultures of sustainable cost control, innovation and performance improvement.
  • Provide people-driven outcomes that drive business performance.
  • Optimize HR information systems to enable leaders to make better decisions while providing employees and managers with the benefit of ‘fit for purpose’ processes.
  • Predict where and when talent is needed through strategic workforce planning.
  • Create tailored performance systems that drive market leadership.

“The Human Resources function is in the best position to deliver sustainable competitive advantage to the enterprise through its workforce. If HR isn’t bringing strategic value to your organization – you’re missing a crucial opportunity to convert the full potential of your people into financial performance and market value.”

Paulette Welsing
HR Transformation Center of Excellence

“At last we are seeing enabling HR Technology solutions, largely from the SaaS providers, where the promise of transformational ease-of-use and ready access to information is finally being delivered”.

Robert Bolton
HR Transformation Center of Excellence

10 Steps to Strategic Workforce Planning

10 steps
KPMG has helped many clients through the workforce planning process and we have used our experience to develop a basic framework.

Webcast: Rethinking Human Resources in a Changing World

KPMG International commissioned the Economist Intelligence Unit to conduct a study of over 400 executives across the globe to probe more deeply into the challenges of the HR function.