Investment performance 

The investment management industry witnessed a significant growth in the complexity of investment products and fund strategies over the past few years. This growth, followed by the recent market turmoil, has considerably increased investment risk and heightened the need for new techniques to monitor performance returns.

Investment risk also increased investors’ expectations from asset managers to present frequent and accurate portfolio returns based on reasonable and consistent assumptions. These market-driven changes are adding considerable challenges to the organizations’ investment performance function and their underlying infrastructure.

KPMG firms’ can help you address a wide array of challenges ranging from assisting you in defining the process and technology strategy of your performance reporting organization to identifying the improvement needs for specific areas.

Our services include:

  • Data Capture and Integration
  • Performance Calculation and Presentation Assistance
  • GIPS Readiness Assessment
  • Vendor Selection Assistance
  • Business and System Requirements Assistance
  • Design and Automation Process Improvement and Controls