Private sector development 

What matters for the developing world is sustainable growth. And this cannot be achieved without an active role being played by the private sector, both local and global, to provide the necessary funding, investment and employment.
Private sector development

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Business Performance Services

With extensive public and private sector experience, KPMG use established and innovative methodologies to improve operational performance and increase efficiency. Our services include the thorough examination of business processes, supply chains and procurement systems across private sector enterprises in both the developed and developing world.

Financial Sector Development

Using our private sector experience in the financial services sector across the world, KPMG is well placed to bring best practice advice and support to governments and central banks in both the developed and developing world. We have helped to develop finance legislation and have strong skills in depository systems, credit granting, risk management, evaluation and recovery and implementation of microcredit programs.

Local and Regional Economic Development

Many governments employ KPMG to assist at the local and regional level to design, implement, and monitor and evaluate local economic development (LED) strategies. This helps us in assisting the private sector and governments to work jointly in effective public-private partnerships. We are able to use our wide public and private client base to identify key stakeholders – people, institutions, businesses, communities, and other groups that have interests in the local or regional economy. By creating an economic profile for a community, a comprehensive LED strategy is developed that encompasses goals, objectives, and action plans.

Infrastructure, Energy & Natural Resources

Aside from being a leading provider of services to the infrastructure, energy, and natural resources sectors, KPMG also provides transaction services to corporations, multinationals, development institutions, and governments in these sectors. Capital transaction services include due diligence assessments for new projects and joint ventures, as well as business valuations, project finance support, and debt advisory services for existing infrastructure and energy projects.

Timothy A. A. Stiles

Timothy A. A. Stiles

Global Chair, International Development Assistance Services

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