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The world of tax is constantly changing. More than ever before, tax is playing a vital role in shaping political and business agendas as the world faces rapid globalization and increased competition. In this new world of tax, clients rely on KPMG to help them achieve competitive advantage. KPMG’s modern tax professionals are equipped to decisively deliver new ways of thinking, big-picture perspectives and acute insights that help clients make informed choices with confidence.


KPMG’s member firms provide a culture of learning and support, where modern tax professionals can flourish and discover their true potential. Much like the new world of tax, a career with KPMG is a constantly moving and exciting experience, rich with opportunities.


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Greg Wiebe

Greg Wiebe on Tax Careers

Greg Wiebe
KPMG’s Global Head of Tax shares his personal insights into the shifting business and tax environment faced by clients, and the corresponding career and growth opportunities for tax professionals at KPMG member firms.


KPMG tax professionals help member firms' clients look ahead to how their business decisions can be affected by tax legislation — both local and across borders; to be clear about the tax they should pay; and to comply with often detailed and changing reporting obligations. To do this well requires intellectual curiosity, technical capability and the ability to digest, analyze and explain complex issues.


It also requires absolute integrity, because, across KPMG's global network, we see it as our role to help taxpayers and tax authorities better understand each other, and to help countries develop fair and effective tax systems. So not only do our member firms want to attract the best people to be leaders in tax — we want them to use their knowledge responsibly.


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    Attitudes to tax are changing. Organizations of all sizes are ever more exposed to new trends in tax regulation, not just locally but globally.