What's in it for you 

Build your global professional network.

What's in it for you

Past GIP participants have told us that the contacts they’ve made during their internship have been a great help to them as they’ve progressed in their careers. Whether it’s advice gained while abroad or a person to call when there’s a question about policies or customs in another part of the world, this is an opportunity to build relationships that will stay with you.  As relationships are the foundation of business, international connections are essential in the global marketplace.

Experience life in a different cultural context.


Living and working abroad gives you the opportunity to really expand your understanding of different cultures. Our clients expect and deserve expertise that’s been gained through hands-on and in-depth global work experience. That’s why this program is so beneficial to KPMG – and why it will make you a stronger professional from day one. The sooner you can start getting international business experience, the further along you’ll be in your global career.

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