The Strategic Climate Institutions Programme (SCIP) 


KPMG is the fund manager for the SCIP Fund, an approximately GBP 9.7 million DFID/Norway/Denmark-backed fund designed to build Ethiopia’s capacity to cope with climate change across the public, private and civil society sectors and to respond to the challenges of transitioning to a climate resilient green economy.


KPMG provides a full range of programme management services to SCIP. Through a flexible grants process, the programme awards funding to organisations (Ethiopian Government agencies, civil society organizations, private sector and academia) that deliver strategic projects that have a clear multiplier effect – for example by building skills for climate resilience development planning, or seizing opportunities in the green economy – and supports critical institutions charged with delivering Ethiopia’s Climate Resilient Green Economy Strategy.    


Programme Highlights


The SCIP Fund implementation period has been extended by nine months to run until the end of January 2016. The purpose of the extension is to ensure all SCIP projects have adequate time to complete implementation and that lessons learnt are captured and shared.

Twenty two (22) projects are supported in the First, Second, Third and Fourth Funding Windows. Of these, one project finalised its activities in May 2014 and has delivered significant outputs to support the CRGE implementation. The Fifth Funding Window projects are finalizing their contracts and are expected to start implementing the projects in September 2014.

Considering the lessons learnt through the various SCIP Fund projects, the SCIP Fund Manager is organising a lessons learning share fare in September. The SCIP Fund Lesson Learning Share Fare will take place on the 4th and 5th September and aims to be a significant exhibition of SCIP Fund project activities and learning. The objectives of the share fare are to communicate cross-cutting lessons to key SCIP stakeholders; to show case practical experiences of SCIP projects and; to identify priority actions for sustaining / scaling up CRGE initiatives.



The Fifth Funding Window projects; MOM-PACT; GDA; LIDI-MoI and Hawassa have been finalised and were contracted in August 2014.

The SCIP learning paper has been finalised and can be accessed through the link Trialling Client-Focused Climate Finance in Ethiopia.

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  • 5 June: World Environment Day
  • 23 April: Earth Day

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How to Apply

Currently SCIP will not be calling for a new round of proposals at this stage. We however encourage you to please contact the SCIP Fund Management Team (see SCIP contacts) should you wish to discuss potential SCIP projects.