The media and entertainment industry is facing profound challenges and opportunities due to advances in digital technology, the expansion of world markets, and the convergence of technologies that are causing fundamental shifts in business models. Broadband internet access has opened up new distribution channels, enabling media businesses to distribute their products and content beyond geographical boundaries and provide new platforms for advertisers to reach consumers. The value of popular content will increase with the potential to reach wider audiences, and competition to supply the content may intensify as the stakes become bigger.

Priscilla Huang

Priscilla Huang

Head of Media

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Hong Kong has a vibrant media and entertainment industry, with multiple domestic television channels, radio stations, newspapers and other publications, along with film studios and extensive sports and leisure facilities. The media ensures the fast, free flow of information, ideas and entertainment and plays a key role in an economy which is increasingly focused on information and services.

China's television and media industry is tightly regulated but there have been recent signs of a relaxation in regulatory policy, with limited access being granted to foreign media companies to the China markets.

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