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With the rapid and dramatic changes in today's business world come new and increasingly complex risks. Making sense of these risks and how they are reflected in an organisation's financial performance is the role of our audit process.


Since trading ties and cross-strait relations are rapidly developing and Taiwanese investment in China is increasing day-by-day, KPMG's Taiwanese Practice team focuses on helping Taiwanese clients solve problems related to investing in China, and reducing the risks of investments in China.


KPMG China places great importance on serving Taiwanese investors in China. Drawing on experience gained in both Taiwan and mainland China, and the resources of one of the leading professional services firms worldwide, we assist Taiwanese clients in numerous matters, including auditing, taxation, accounting, financing (corporate and project), incorporation and other advisory related activities.


To enhance our services for Taiwanese clients that invest in China and help them solve problems related to investments and operations, KPMG's Taiwanese team is staffed with professionals who are familiar with business in China. Our objective is to provide our clients with value-added services and strive for the highest quality. Our organisational structure is designed so that any team has considerable experience in providing services to clients operating under Taiwanese management or in a Taiwanese operating environment.


As a result, we are confident that with our resources, experience and technical knowledge, we can provide constructive, professional and practical advice and assistance whenever required and to help fully serve our clients' needs. We are willing to discuss your needs, and share our in-depth knowledge of and experience with Taiwanese companies in mainland China.



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