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German Tax & Legal Center (GTLC)  

The German-Swiss economic area offers a wide range of tax and legal opportunities for both companies and individuals – but there are also challenges and risks. KPMG is responding to these special challenges with an expert team of German tax advisors and lawyers: the German Tax & Legal Center (GTLC). With the GTLC located at Switzerland´s Banking and Finance hub Zurich, KPMG provides an ideal contact for your questions about German and Swiss tax law.
As a client you will benefit from our many years of practical experience combined with a profound understanding of the particularities of the relevant tax issues in both countries. Naturally, our services will be adapted to your specific needs and are provided through a single point of contact, for your maximum convenience:
Multishore Tax Reporting

Multishore Tax Reporting

Foreign clients of Swiss banks are often confronted with complex tax regulations in their country of domicile. They need to declare their income held at Swiss banks every year in their tax declaration, which means that they or their tax advisor must identify this income every year. This may turn out to be a time-consuming and expensive undertaking.

A professional Tax Reporting, offered by Swiss banks to their clients forms a distinct competitive advantage over those that do not offer such a service. The KPMG Multishore Tax Reporting Software offers an automatic solution that creates a direct interface to the bank’s core banking software and generates fast and efficient tax reports. Thereby the bank professional tax reporting solution forms a distinct competitive advantage over those that do not offer such a service.

Voluntary Disclosures

Voluntary Disclosures

In view of the Automatic Exchange of Information (AEoI), voluntary disclosures remain a topic because the OECD Standard on the AEoI does not foresee any rules on the regularization of undeclared assets. Therefore, voluntary disclosures remain an effective instrument to avoid penalties. However, looking at the law’s wording on voluntary disclosures (§ 371 AO [German Tax Code]) creates the impression that it is easy to avoid punishment. It is important to understand that stumbling blocks are hidden behind every condition for becoming exempt from punishment – especially once the more stringent aspects of the law enter into force on 1.1.2015.

Services for Banks

Services for Banks

German clients are our business. Yours too? The German Tax & Legal Center offers particular expertise in the area of professional services and conceptual solutions for Swiss banks, family offices, financial service providers concerning to German customers. Therefore, you benefit from our close cooperation with the Swiss and German tax experts and our colleagues in all other fields.

In the field of Private Clients, KPMG’s German Tax & Legal Center provides a wide range of professional services and conceptual approaches for Swiss banks and financial services institutions with German clients. The focus is put on the following aspects:

  • Tax strategies for German private clients
  • Supporting the bank with regard to a tax optimized product selection for the client, relocation or succession planning
  • Family Office for German clients
  • Updates and seminars

Services for Private Persons

Services for Private Persons

Does your personal or corporate situation relate to both Switzerland and Germany? We would be delighted in assisting you with the following taxation issues:

Consulting on Arrangements for your Private Relocation

If you are planning to change your country of residence – from Germany to Switzerland or vice versa – this move may have a wide variety of tax implications. In order to arrange your international relocation as tax efficient as possible, it should be carefully planned in advance and with regard to your individual tax situation. We coordinate all related matters for your best convenience.

Succession planning in the economic area of Switzerland/Germany

Would you like to keep your life's work alive for the next generation? Succession planning helps make this dream come true. After your personal situation and your current succession plan has been analyzed, KPMG will work out a suitable strategy which is informed by your ideas and your values. In doing so, KPMG will especially take into consideration legal and tax frameworks in German and/or Switzerland.

Advise on the Double Taxation Treaty between Switzerland and Germany

In the situation other tax jurisdictions (countries) may be involved, we will be able to support you with a full range of tax advisory services due to our global presence.

Corporate Tax Law & Corporate Tax Compliance

Corporate Tax Law & Corporate Tax Compliance

Its geographic proximity and excellent economic relations make Switzerland one of the most important locations for German companies. The stable and advantageous tax system in Switzerland still allows for extremely efficient tax planning - in spite of certain tax restrictions in Germany. In turn, access to Germany as a sales market is essential for most Swiss companies. On the other hand, higher taxes in Germany and the complex German tax system, which is frequently subject to changes, mean that Swiss companies must make use of sound tax planning.

Do you need highly qualified tax and legal advice for Germany and Switzerland - because you are e.g. trying to start or expand your business in your neighboring country or want to restructure tax-efficiently? Ongoing advice, continuous compliance activities or project work - with GTLC, you will find the right consulting approach for your challenges in international tax law.

Our aim is to provide holistic and comprehensive advice for our customers in tax and legal matters. Benefit from our many years of experience in international tax law - not just for your company. We can also help you with any questions regarding taxes for employees and can e.g. provide clarifications for international employee postings, advise top employees or explain tax features for bonuses. With GTLC, you receive a trusting and extensive consulting offer for your company and for your employees - from one source.

Dealing with the German Financial Authorities and Courts

Dealing with the German Financial Authorities and Courts

KPMG provides support in case of internal and external German tax audits and for financial court procedures in Germany. Our many years of experience in issues surrounding international taxation and financial court procedures make us the ideal advisor at your side.

Heiko Kubaile

Heiko Kubaile

Partner, Head of German Tax & Legal Center, Tax advisor

+41 58 249 35 10

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