The Swiss GAAP FER accounting standards aim to impart a true and fair view of an organization's assets, financial position and earnings. The standards set out the core issues of accounting in a clear and concise manner.

Swiss GAAP FER accounting standards are geared to national groups and small and mid-sized organizations. In addition, sector-specific standards exist to regulate accounting provisions for pension funds, insurance companies and non-profit organizations.

Swiss GAAP FER provides users such as these with a framework with which to prepare true & fair accounts. In order to take different sizes of companies into account, the Swiss GAAP FER standards are modular in structure (core FER, whole Swiss GAAP FER).

The benefits of Swiss GAAP FER:

  • Better communication with shareholders and creditors
  • Basis for finance-oriented management
  • Good cost/benefits ratio for users
  • Simple and straightforward
  • Forward-looking (especially for consolidated statements required by law); clear and concise development path in the future

KPMG can help you choose the right accounting standards for your needs, and provide you with all the support you need if and when you decide to implement the Swiss GAAP FER accounting standards.

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Prof. Reto Eberle

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Swiss GAAP FER 2012/13

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KPMG's Swiss GAAP FER 2012/13 Brochure is released in its 7th edition. It deals with the individual and as well as revised FER Standards in detail.