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While the historically low interest rates and volatile markets, as well as the current changes in the regulatory field, are a clear challenge for the insurance sector, they also create new opportunities.
At present, insurance companies are concentrating on building up their operational efficiency and constantly improving their understanding and modelling of business risks. This begs the question, what can new and established insurers do in order to come out as winners in an economic and regulatory environment that is increasingly difficult? What do they need to focus on in order to ensure success?
What are your challenges?

  • How are you addressing the new solvency requirements of the Swiss Solvency Test and Solvency II? Are these methods adequately mirrored in your business processes?
  • Do you know the extent to which your business is affected by international law and regulations, such as FATCA?

How can KPMG help?

  • Actuarial themes and Quanitative Risk Management
  • Advice in diverse insurance-specific areas as well as on regulatory issues, such as SST, Solvency II and FATCA  
  • Overview / Benchmark of business operations in Switzerland
  • Consulting on outsourcing structures

What are your challenges?

  • How do you start new insurance activities in Switzerland? What do reinsurers have to consider specifically?
  • Do you know the opportunities and risks that come with your future growth strategy?
  • Are you satisfied with the processes within your Risk Management and the internal risk model? Do the solutions provide the necessary efficiency and security?
  • How do you monitor risks in connection with outsourced business areas? 
  • How do you achieve sustainable benefit through Behavioral Change Management?

How can KPMG help?

  • Target Operating Model Design
  • Operational effectivness and excellence
  • Lean Transformation
  • Transaction Services and M&A
  • Qualitative Risk Management
  • Risk Transformation
  • IT Advisory

What are your challenges?

  • How do you ensure a consistent calculation and reporting of the Market Consistent Embedded Value?
  • What impact does the introduction of IFRS 4 Phase II and IFRS 9 have on your company?
  • How do you bring about added value for your insurance company with the Internal Audit?

How can KPMG help?

  • IFRS Advisory
  • Review of tax positions
  • Advice on issues regarding value added tax, company taxes, and international tax structures
  • Consulting on pension funds

Hieronymus T. Dormann

Hieronymus T. Dormann

Partner, Head Insurance, Audit Financial Services

+41 58 249 35 03

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