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At Risk Magazine – Volume 6, No. 2 

In this issue of At Risk, we look at the evolving complexity of litigation, including strategic information management, new approaches to eDiscovery review, and the important and changing role of experts in litigation.
At Risk Magazine
Risk Mitigation or Someone Else's Problem?

Information Management: Risk mitigation or someone else's problem?

The projected growth in digital information in the short term is staggering.  As business leaders conduct their strategic planning, technical infrastructure to accommodate this growth is a key consideration for those looking through the IT lens. This article looks at Information Management from a strategic perspective to address the challenge of slowing information growth through cultural transformation.

The Benefits of Concept Searching

The Benefits of Concept Searching

There has been a lot of talk in eDiscovery circles about concept searching. This article outlines the frustrations and limitations of traditional linear review and keyword searching, and how concept searching can be used to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of document discovery.

The Practice of Concurrent Evidence

All Together Now: The practice of concurrent evidence through “hot-tubbing” and witness-conferencing

In civil litigation, the participation and cooperation between disputing parties and the court often helps expedite the process and reduce court time and the resulting costs. This article provides a general overview of recent legislation permitting witness-conferencing or "hot-tubbing", and how it has been used to date internationally and in Canada.

More than Just Adding up the Numbers

An Accountant's Role in Calculating Damages: More than just adding up the numbers

Expert accountants are usually retained by both the plaintiff and defendant to assist in estimating damages, and to help the court understand these calculations and conclusions. This article examines the professional standards that should be followed by an expert accountant, and why an expert accountant's damage report should involve more than just adding up the numbers.

At Risk Volume 6, No.2

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