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Welcome to the latest edition of At Risk magazine [PDF 3.6MB]. As Canadian and global business environments continue to be challenged with new and heightened risks, our experience recognizes that some of the more prescient issues will be managing, mitigating and monitoring those risks in the future.

Top articles in this issue

Improving boardroom agility

Improving Boardroom Agility

In Improving boardroom agility, the authors discuss how automation and data management can deliver improved visibility into key risks both inside and outside the organization.

management and analysis

Avoiding a world of hurt

The management and analysis of data is also a key theme in the article, Avoiding a world of hurt, which examine some of the key risks that many Canadian organizations now face as they expand into new markets or geographies.

Unexpected Visitors

Unexpected visitors

As the article Unexpected Visitors discusses, the trend towards heightened regulatory scrutiny also requires organizations to maintain good relationships with regulators and develop strong regulatory risk management frameworks in order to stay ahead of many of the potential risks associated with regulatory visits.

Recognizing that data

Going Beyond Data

Recognizing that data can often be a complex topic, Going Beyond the Data dispels some of the hype of Big Data in the article.


We hope that this publication provokes discussion on the role that data, technology and culture play in the risk management process. We encourage you to contact your local KPMG office to discuss these – or any other business issues – with a KPMG professional.

At Risk Volume 8, No. 1

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Doron Telem

Doron Telem

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