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Audit Committee Roundtable Series 

Highly interactive and panel driven, the Audit Committee Roundtable Series bring together audit committee members, board directors, senior executives, and leaders in governance to discuss challenges, emerging trends, and leading practices related to audit committee and board oversight.

KPMG’s Summer 2016 Audit Committee Roundtable



There is more discussion than ever of certain regulatory activities in the United States and the notion that they may soon show up in Canada—discussions surrounding the clawback of executive compensation, resource payment disclosure rules, the JOBS Act and the increasing expectations around the level of cooperation by companies that are subject to regulatory investigations. Given recent US developments and the fact that these laws and regulations have extra-territorial reach, Canadian companies should be keenly interested in the outcome and potential impact.


Join us on Thursday, June 23, 2016 for our Audit Committee Institute seminar during which time our panelists, representatives from Canadian and US law firms along with KPMG partners, will share their thoughts on the role and responsibilities of audit committees as it relates to the compliance with the US based legal and regulatory requirements.


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 Past In-Person Events

The Future of Expanded Reporting


On Tuesday, December 9, 2014 a group of Canadian audit committee members and corporate directors met in Toronto to discuss the proposed changes to auditor reporting requirements.


There is a clear signal from stakeholders around the world that the auditor's report needs to be more informative and transparent, and should also go beyond the traditional pass/fail model. Currently, there is no final standard in place in Canada for expanded auditor reporting; however, the Auditing and Assurance Standards Board (AASB) in Canada is taking a keen interest in the developments happening around the world. In addition to auditor reporting, the session touched on the top audit trends that audit committees should be paying particular attention to in the coming year.


The roundtable was hosted by a diverse panel that included Karyn Brooks, Chair of the Canadian Performance Reporting Board and former SVP & Controller at BCE; Richard M. (Dick) Freeborough, FCA, Chairman of the Board at Foresters, Audit Committee Chair of the Economical Insurance Group of Companies and RGA Life Reinsurance Company of Canada and Chair of the Board of Governors at the University of Guelph; and Axel Thesberg, Audit Committee Chair and Senior Advisor to CPA Canada.



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On the 2014 agenda: Enhancing Audit Quality


On June 20, a group of Canadian audit committee members and corporate directors met in Toronto to discuss the ongoing challenge of enhancing audit quality amid a shifting global regulatory landscape.


The roundtable was hosted by a diverse panel that included Larry Bradley, KPMG International Global Head of Audit; Brian P. Gabel, CPAB Vice President of Stakeholder Engagement; and Guylaine Saucier, a director for SCOR SE, Junex Inc., Areva SA, Wendel and formerly the Bank of Montreal and AXA Assurance Inc. Bringing their unique perspectives to bear, this team led the assemblage through a series of timely topics.


Read more about the roundtable highlights [PDF 1.20 MB].


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Presentation Deck: On the 2014 agenda: the Evolution of the Audit Committee [PDF 3.4KB]

Effective Audit Committee Oversight


Spring 2013 Audit Committee Roundtable Presentation [PDF 1.52MB]


Spring 2013 Audit Committee Roundtable Presentation [PDF 336KB]


  • Changing expectations for the oversight of external auditors and audit quality;
  • Expecting the Unexpected — Audit Committee oversight considerations in fraud prevention, M&A activity or complex transactions.

Fall 2012 Roundtable
IT Strategy and the Audit Committee Agenda

Fall 2012 Audit Committee Roundtable Presentation [PDF 1.62MB]


  • Aligning IT strategy with business goals
  • Ensuring IT strategy is focused on driving growth and improving business performance
  • The role of the Audit Committee as it pertains to IT strategy
  • Risks associated with IT strategy

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