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Our deep knowledge, industry insights and informed risk perspectives help clients analyze risk and create value while implementing and sustaining transformative change.

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KPMG’s Advisory Risk Consulting professionals help organizations transform risk into enduring competitive advantage while navigating your most complex business issues. Drawing on our deep knowledge and industry insights, we can help you analyze risk, create value and strategically manage outcomes for success.


We help align your risk appetite with desired returns while applying a forward-thinking, global mindset to corporate strategy and culture.


With risk management occupying so much of the corporate agenda, our practical ideas and informed risk perspectives—tailored to each organization’s circumstances—support the transformative strategies and capabilities required for sustainable change and consistent high performance.

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Cyber Security: CEO Outlook Study

KPMG recently surveyed over 1,200 chief executives from many of the world's largest and most complex companies and discovered what keeps them awake at night.

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Doron Telem

Doron Telem

National Leader, Risk Consulting Advisory Services


Meeting Risk Governance Expectations

The role of the audit committee (AC) is without question expanding, particularly in the area of risk. From cyber threats — such as hacking and cyber terrorism — to issues as diverse as privacy, disaster recovery and regulatory compliance, risk is occupying a growing amount of the AC’s time. Click to read more [PDF 105 KB]

Audit Point of View

Audit Point of View


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