Transfer Pricing 

In recent years Brazil has achieved an important status in the international economy. Brazilian multinationals have expanded their activities to subsidiaries located abroad, and large international corporations continue to invest in the country.



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In line with such investments, import and export operations resumed growth after the global crisis, at an accelerated pace. Brazilian imports were up 28 percent from January and February 2010 and juxtaposed against the same unfavorable exchange rate continued the same pace of growth, increasing by approximately percent% (1).


In this environment, the application and management of transfer pricing rules must be part of the pricing strategy of the companies on a global basis, always looking to align the rules with a corporate tax strategy in the countries where they operate. 


In this context, management of pricing policy coupled with meeting compliance rules becomes of fundamental importance to multinationals operating in Brazil. KPMG has a team of experienced consultants who can assist your company in: 


  • Selection of the transfer pricing method most appropriate for your business profile and intercompany transactions. 
  • Planning of operations through a study of pricing policy and implementation aimed at better management of the tax burden both locally and internationally.  
  • Preparation of probative calculations through the application of a secure electronic tool (Interpreter Brazil). 


Our competitive advantage is in the allocation of a multidisciplinary team that combines knowledge of the law with accumulated knowledge in the area of information technology and project management.



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