Corporate Citizenship 


We have a clear vision for our member firm. We believe we should use our skills and our resources to become fully involved in finding sustainable solutions to global and local issues, working alongside governments, civil society groups and international agencies. This vision is in line with our values — where we make a commitment to the communities in which we work.


Globally, KPMG member firms are using our capacity and capability as an international network to support the Millennium Development Goals, working strategically with governments, non-governmental organizations and charities to make an impact.


The community in which we operate has always been important to us


Commitment to our communities in Bahrain is at the heart of KPMG’s values. We believe that a genuine commitment to corporate citizenship has benefits to society; it unites our firm, strengthens our reputation and keeps integrity at the center of what we do.


Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is of great importance to us and we have developed a common agenda that covers:


  • Managing our operations and their environmental impact
  • Engaging with our communities
  • Working with our clients