What if the notion of congestion would disappear forever? 

It would be almost impossible for us to imagine. Annually, Belgians spend an average of 55 hours in traffic, while in Brussels and Antwerp, two of the most traffic congested cities in the world, drivers waste more than 70 hours in their cars. This situation makes finding an efficient solution for mobility one of the major challenges for the future. How does your company approach this daily problem?
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The focus is moving from the company car to more flexible mobility solutions. More and more companies and providers are offering employees the possibility of composing a package of mobility solutions in function of their individual needs and budget.


  • Combination of company car / train / metro / bus / (electric) bike
  • Combination of smaller car during the year / larger car if needed (e.g. vacation, etc.)
  • Flexible fringe benefits packages: the employee can choose between a company car and other benefits (‘cafeteria plan’)


Flexibility regarding the workplace will also increase. Where possible more and more employees will be working one or more days a week from a satellite or home office. For the individual employee this improves quality of life as he/she does not have to commute during peak hours, which generally reduces traffic congestion.

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