What if we were the next source of energy? 

Worldwide, energy companies face the major challenge of meeting the rising demand for energy (particularly in developing countries) in an increasingly complex environment. Highly volatile power and gas prices, rising production costs, large capital investment, regulatory uncertainty and growing safety concerns are all forces that shape the business environment in which energy companies operate. Those companies that are able to successfully rethink their strategy, operations and processes will likely be the most prosperous in this changing setting.


In contrast, for Belgium, with its ageing electricity production capacity, the lack of new investments and expanding electricity imports, concern is growing about the country’s security of supply. This in a context where modern society’s access to electricity is now seen as almost a public right.


Against this background, a consistent energy policy and transparent regulation is necessary in view of stimulating the investment climate.

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Key challenges of the energy sector:

Global Perspective


What are the trends, risks and opportunities for utilities on a global level? Regulatory pressure, climate change, population growth, water scarcity and urbanization are some of the challenges the sector needs to deal with.

Energy Policy and Regulation


What is the optimal production mix? Will nuclear remain central to the decarbonisation of power? What are alternative sources of energy? What is needed to prevent the lights from going out?


Investment Climate


How can we achieve security of supply?

How can the investment climate be stimulated?

How can the permit process be simplified?



How can energy companies improve their performance in order to deliver value to both customers and shareholders whilst at the same time satisfy the demands of the regulators?

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