Pension & Benefits 

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Pension & Benefits
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  • Statutory pensions and government employee pensions
  • Supplementary pensions (group insurance, à la carte plans, plans linked to investment funds, pension funds, sector pensions, AR 69 regulations, balance sheet provisions, individual pension plans, end-of-career regulations, etc.)
  • Early retirement regulations
  • Pensions and special tax implications (salary split, emigration, reorganization, quasi-fiscal levies, death duties, EU developments

Supplementary Benefits

  • Invalidity insurance
  • Accident insurance
  • Hospitalization insurance
  • Market analysis, optimization of cover and costs


  • Financial consequences of pension plans (under- or over-financing)
  • Analysis of the past obligations concerning pensions and supplementary benefits
  • Adjustment of pension plans and supplementary benefits following reorganizations
  • Transfer problems (national or international)

International Careers

  • Analysis of statutory social security cover
  • Analysis of supplementary cover
  • Comparison between the current international career and the hypothetical national career
  • Study of an international optimum supplementary cover at fiscal, financial and social levels
  • Implications of international agreements (fiscal and social)

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