Growth strategies 

Growth is the lifeblood of business. It's an avenue to higher revenues, lower costs, improved efficiencies and increased value.
Growth strategies

John Somerville

John Somerville

National Managing Partner, Advisory

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Corporate growth

Market dynamics are conspiring to create strong momentum for growth. John Somerville discusses how growth is on the agenda for Australian businesses.

KPMG's Customer and Growth services

KPMG's Customer & Growth Services
Watch how KPMG's Customer & Growth services can help our clients improve their customer engagement and ultimately, their bottom line.

As the shadow of the global financial crisis begins to lift Corporate Australia is poised for growth. Signs of confidence are emerging, including a stronger global economic context, regional growth and demand and favourable domestic macroeconomic dynamics.


Against this backdrop, corporates are responding by investing in M&A and organic growth strategies. In a landscape rich with emerging opportunity, the new challenge is how to fully realise those opportunities to create sustainable growth.


Achieving significant and lasting growth – growth that transforms your position in the market and propels you beyond your competitors requires agility, focus and disciplined execution.


Key questions for business include:

  • What is your growth strategy for the short, medium and longer term?
  • How will you fund it?
  • Do you have timely access to actionable market and customer insight to identify and act on growth opportunities across your business?
  • Do you have an insight into emerging trends that will drive change and create new opportunities and risks to growth?
  • What’s your risk appetite for growth?
  • What role will mergers & acquisitions play in your growth strategy and how confident are you in realising the full future value?


How we can help

Whether your growth strategy is based on increasing profitability, mergers & acquisitions, product innovation, exploiting new sales channels or entering new markets, KPMG can work with you to help you achieve your growth aspirations.

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