Grants & Incentives 

The Australian Government has long assisted innovation, business growth and strategically important projects and industries through specifically tailored support packages including grants and other incentives. Each year, hundreds of government grant programs worth billions of dollars are made available to Australian business.

David Gelb

David Gelb

Lead Partner, R&D Incentives

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Grants and incentives are generally available for key priority sectors and activities aligned with the government’s national and state priorities.


Currently, businesses which have a focus on sustainability, innovation, regional growth, water or renewable energy may have a number of grants and incentives opportunities. With the implementation of Carbon Pricing, there are also likely to be a number of opportunities for companies to develop or adopt low emissions technologies.


Despite this significant opportunity, accessing government grants can be challenging. The availability of programs can change rapidly and the identification of key opportunities that are strategically important to a business requires knowledge of where to access information, and time to research and update that information.


There is always strong competition for grant funding. However, companies that display innovation, solid project planning, strategic management acumen and capabilities, growth and/or export potential and strong benefits for Australia are more likely to be successful.


How we can help

The R&D Incentives team is experienced in assisting with identifying and obtaining grants, accessing government incentives and effectively liaising with the numerous federal and state government agencies and industry bodies.


The group has demonstrated experience in the identification of funding opportunities across multiple jurisdictions and industries for our clients, and a clear understanding of the grants, incentives and tax based programs. The team also has extensive experience in assisting clients in developing the rationale for the support of large, innovative, environmental or strategically important projects.


Over the past 5 years KPMG has assisted clients in accessing approximately $350 million in grants in industry sectors including clean technology, renewable energy, stormwater harvesting and reuse, engineering, wood and paper, health, automotive and manufacturing.

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