Sound decision making and effective execution drive business and organisational success. Business is a series of decisions, some of them can make or break an organisation. All of them have the potential to affect performance and competitiveness. Considered and timely business decisions result from adequate information, careful analysis and a realistic appreciation of risk.
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National Reform Summit 2015

National Reform Summit
The National Reform Summit was a rare opportunity to achieve a consensus on a national agenda for economic and social reform in Australia.

Corporate Finance Outlook: Reflections on 2015 and outlook for 2016

Cororate Finance Outlook: Reflections on 2015 and outlook for 2016 rollup image
David Heathcote, National Head of Deal Advisory, discusses M&A and IPO trends in 2015 and provides an outlook for 2016.

Australian Pricing Survey 2015

Australian Pricing Survey 2015
KPMG's inaugural Australian Pricing Survey 2015 provides insight into pricing effectiveness and margin performance in the Australian market.