Fraud Barometer 

The Australian Fraud Barometer monitors the incidence of large frauds coming before the criminal courts in Australia. It examines trends in reported frauds, including the types of perpetrators and victims involved and the nature of the frauds.
Fraud Barometer
KPMG's Fraud Barometer is compiled and published every 6 months, providing up-to-date information on fraud patterns in Australia. It analyses fraud before the courts with a loss over $100,000.

Forensic contacts

Contact KPMG Forensic's professionals for more information.

Fraud Risk Management

KPMG's Fraud Risk Management team helps clients achieve their fraud prevention and mitigation objectives.


KPMG’s forensic accounting services help prevent and detect fraud, misconduct, breaches of rules and regulations, and prevent and resolve disputes.

Fighting fraud

Fighting Fraud
Research and insight into the economic loss of fraud, who is committing fraud, how it is done and most importantly how to fight and prevent it.

Fraud and Misconduct Survey

Since 1993, the biennial KPMG Fraud and Misconduct Survey has become the most credible and widely quoted survey of fraud in Australian and New Zealand businesses.