Health & Human Services 

The effective and efficient delivery of health, ageing and human services poses a major challenge for governments, with the formulation of relevant policies and strategies equally daunting. These challenges extend beyond government to include not-for-profit and private sector service providers.

Liz Forsyth

Liz Forsyth

National Sector Leader, Health, Ageing & Human Services

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Integrating homelessness and social housing service delivery

Integrating homelessness
Tasmania engaged KPMG in Australia to perform a review of homelessness support and accommodation services.

Healthcare Global Centre of Excellence

KPMG’s Global Centre of Excellence for Healthcare works to design and implement creative and practical solutions for our clients that harness the latest in national, regional and global perspectives.

Human & Social Services Global Centre of Excellence

The Human & Social Services Global Centre of Excellence brings together subject matter experts and highly experienced professionals from around the world to share best practices, knowledge and experience in the sector.

Among those who rely on these services are the most vulnerable and disadvantaged members of society. At the same time, funding of health, ageing and human services accounts for a high and increasing proportion of government outlays. Obtaining value for the taxpayer and satisfying community expectations are vital considerations.


Good outcomes in these matters result from strong management capabilities, robust reporting frameworks, the imaginative deployment of infrastructure and technology, sound operating systems and advanced financial skills. High quality external advice can help build these capabilities.


How we can help

KPMG understands the demands placed on public administrators involved in the health, ageing, human services and social policy. Our experienced professionals work with federal and state government agencies and with not-for-profit and private-sector providers.



Our clients include government departments and agencies, public and private hospitals, diagnostic service providers, insurers, aged care providers and bio-medical research institutes. We help them manage risk, implement effective controls and improve clinical and financial performance. We work with these organisations to help them understand and manage key issues facing the healthcare sector, including:


  • demographics
  • access
  • funding
  • cost of medicines and other healthcare products
  • quality control
  • staff availability
  • big data
  • compliance
  • accountability
  • risk management.


Human Services

We bring appropriate analytical and technical skills to each engagement. We take an independent and objective view of the issues under consideration. We adopt a practical, results-oriented approach to the task at hand. Our services include:

  • reviewing and evaluating programs
  • evaluating service delivery and consulting with stakeholders
  • redeveloping  and redesigning services
  • developing funding models
  • assessing the cost effectiveness of new and existing service strategies
  • formulating performance and quality measurement frameworks
  • guiding policy development and execution.

Rethinking regulation in the human services sector – unleashing value

Rethinking regulation in the human services sector – unleashing value
We explore the tools and frameworks regulators need to help deal with new market-driven funding and delivery challenges for human services.

Global Healthcare: What Works

Global Healthcare: What Works
What Works is a series of thought leadership reports that address some of the most pressing healthcare challenges that the world faces today.

Creating value-based healthcare organisations

Creating value-based healthcare organisations
To deliver value for patients requires change in many areas. This report provides a roadmap for the transformation process


KPMG offers aged care providers with a range of audit, tax and advisory services. We cover both for-profit and not-for-profit organisations.


KPMG works with all levels of government (federal, state, local, agencies) to help them respond to policy and service delivery challenges.