CA Program 

Do you want to become a Chartered Accountant?

It can put you on track for career growth across a range of disciplines. It’s why the Chartered Accountant (CA) Program is the postgraduate qualification most often completed at KPMG. The course is conducted by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia (ICAA).

The CA Program is demanding and KPMG offers comprehensive support for it, including:


  • financial support to cover the cost of fees and textbooks
  • study leave
  • training and mentoring including coursework, additional training materials and mock exams
  • forums to network and discuss coursework with other participants.


KPMG is the only firm to provide an in-house training program for CA studies, and our candidates receive more training hours than those who receive support from external providers. KPMG has a strong mentoring culture which assists candidates while they complete the program. Many of our CA qualified people are involved in running internal training sessions and marking mock exams.


KPMG receives strong results through their highly regarded in-house program and our average pass rate for FY2012 was 14 percent higher than the national average pass rate.


KPMG values the CA qualification. At any given time approximately 20 percent of our client service staff are undertaking these studies. The below quotes are from KPMG staff who are currently undertaking CA Program studies.


“I consider the CA support as one of the highlights of working for KPMG".


Laura, Sydney Private Enterprise Audit


"Please continue to provide support in the way of training, mock exams and useful materials.  We as candidates are thankful for the advantage we have as KPMG employees over other firms".


Melissa, Adelaide Private Enterprise Tax & Accounting

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