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Sustainability Services  

Sustainability has moved from being primarily about corporate responsibility to a process that can create long-term economic value.

Shireen Naidoo

Shireen Naidoo


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Sustainability Services provides advisory and assurance services to businesses and organisations wishing to gain greater understanding and improved management of their environmental and social performance. Accurate reporting on these areas is also a key focus area.


KPMG Sustainability Services forms part of a greater KPMG multi-disciplinary team with skills in business risk, compliance, transactions, forensic, tax, and assurance.


Our services include:


Advisory Services

Managing sustainability requires an understanding of the context in which an organisation operates and the risks and opportunities that arise within it. KPMG Sustainability Services assists companies and government to identify material risks and opportunities in order to incorporate these risks and opportunities into strategies, policies, governance and management systems and reporting. The objective is to maximise the value and brand of an organisation.


Assurance Services

KPMG Sustainability Services provides assurance over non-financial information, such as social and environmental information, that is reported in the Sustainability or Corporate Responsibility reports of organisations. In the approach to sustainability assurance, the KPMG Sustainability Management Framework is used. This framework identifies and addresses the key elements of sustainability management.


Audit Assist Services

Internal audit assist involves the review of internal controls and systems in relation to the management of sustainability issues in the fields of internal audits and sustainability risks and liabilities resulting from client operations.


Climate Change Services

KPMG offers business-focused advice on carbon management, approaching the issue as an integral element of effective business management and not as an environmental add-on. A multi-disciplinary Carbon Advisory Group has been established and includes Sustainability, Enterprise Risk Management, Accounting, Tax, Corporate Finance and Business Advisory practices to ensure that the carbon management initiative embarked on by entities are aligned with other aspects of business management.