South Africa

Rewards & Benefits 

Show me the money (and more)! Balanced lifestyle and great career opportunities aside, we know you want to hear about the money, the perks and the cool parking bays. Okay maybe not the last one, but we believe we’ve got the benefits you want, and so much more…

Earning benefits

So here’s the official policy: KPMG will give you a competitive starting salary, graded according to the discipline you intend to follow. This is reviewed on a periodic basis to take into account your experience, work performance and exam success, among other things. Basically, as you prove yourself, we reward you and if you get the grades, we reward you again. It’s that simple.

Of course, our salaries are benchmarked with other leading organisations. How do you think we recruit and keep the best of the best? During our graduate programmes you will have a salary review every six months, so you can expect your package to grow substantially. We also allow you to structure the flexible portion of your package according to your specific needs.

As you move to more senior levels within KPMG in South Africa, so your package develops with you. This includes the addition of a number of financial services.


Leave benefits

On the benefits front, you will be entitled to all sorts of leave, including annual leave, study leave, even special leave if you play a provincial sport. In your tenth year we’ll double your annual leave, just like that. And as you move up the rungs, the packages and perks get better and better. So, while money is important, there’s a whole lot more to reward and recognition at KPMG.


Non-financial benefits

While working for KPMG you are also entitled to certain non-financial benefits. Apart from annual leave, you will receive study leave for your qualifying exams.

KPMG people have the benefit of being part of the CAMAF medical aid and your package will also be structured to include provident fund contributions.

We have also instituted an employee wellness programme, which is available to you 24 hours a day to help you cope with the curve balls of life. These services include confidential counselling, financial planning, grief and trauma counselling as well as exam support.


International assignment benefits

Should your career take you on an overseas assignment, you can be sure that our international assignments policy will guarantee a wide range of additional benefits to make the move as smooth as possible.