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Racing Green Endurance (RGE) and KPMG: Driven to inspire  

Can a 26 000 kilometre race change the world? KPMG member firms think so. From Alaska to Argentina, the SRZero advanced green technologies, encouraged innovation and education, and fundamentally changed the world’s perception of electric vehicles (EVs).

The RGE project


In building the SRZero, the RGE team has created one of the most efficient, exhilarating and enduring EVs ever produced. “We believe that EVs are much more capable than most people believe,” says Alex Schey, Project Manager at Racing Green Endurance (RGE). “By building and successfully demonstrating a ‘zero emissions’ vehicle with this kind of range, we hope to take a massive step in changing these perceptions.”


KPMG’s Global Citizenship strategy is focused on addressing key issues including environmental sustainability. Through the Global Green Initiative we are able to use our business skills and reach to support innovative projects that raise awareness and help to address the challenges of climate change.


The SRZero: Innovation meets inspiration


Built on the chassis of the fastest production car in the world, this electric vehicle has over 400 hp and reaches top speeds of up to 200km/h.


  • Two electric motors in the rear of the car transform electrical energy into mechanical movement and double the amount of power available.
  • The batteries’ DC power is converted into an AC signal by inverters that facilitate the operation of the motors and the kinetic regenerative braking system.
  • Lithium Iron Phosphate cells with a total capacity of 56 kWh supply the required power.
  • A controller integrates all the components in the power-train, battery management system, motor controllers, driver interface and safety systems.


Find out more by reading our technical appendix (1.4MB PDF)