South Africa

Foreword by Moses Kgosana 

KPMG has a long and proud history of ethical business practice and charitable giving, and a well-balanced view of responsible capitalism.
Moses Kgosana

Our commitment to Transformation is tangible and self-evident based on our actual achievements, which are deep and far-reaching. The market is telling us this too through recognition by various awards and by those who keep us in their company.


But it’s not enough…


The world is changing rapidly and, with this, the needs and expectations of our stakeholders are too. In short, we need to be doing more to secure, develop and sustain the world around us. We need to focus increasingly on how we can best put our skills to work to uplift our communities. We also need to urgently address our own impact on our consumable resources and the climate.


All of this needs to remain fully in the context of our business – recognising the balance between local and global imperatives and opportunities.


This is why I’m particularly excited about KPMG’s Corporate Citizenship programme. This marks an exciting progression on our journey, rich with opportunity to dramatically increase the positive difference we are already making.


We in South Africa fully support the agenda, vision and strategy of KPMG International, to which we subscribe unconditionally. Indeed, as a member of KPMG International’s Board and Council, I’m proud to say that we’ve been fully a part of this thinking from the outset. The international themes are as relevant for us as for any other country.


However, we have some further specific themes too – especially centred on Transformation, action against crime and our continued Corporate Philanthropy. These dovetail with the KPMG International themes in a way that works for everybody.


The pages on Development, Education, and the Environment are intended to inform you of the principal areas of our understanding of Corporate Citizenship and why it is important to us. By highlighting some of what we’ve done, we hope to show you how we strive to secure KPMG’s desired positioning as an undisputed leader in outstanding Corporate Citizenship.


I hope that you will enjoy reading about our Corporate Citizenship efforts and hopefully, you will also be inspired to commit to the upliftment of your communities.