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KPMG in South Africa is aligned with the global KPMG strategy to play our part towards meeting the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). We also pay special attention to the development of additional local initiatives to help our country grow and prosper.
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In South Africa, we are committed to Transformation and KPMG continues to be involved with organisations that aim to advance sustainable black commercial development.


Enterprise Development (ED) is one of the clearest examples of where we are putting our skills to work. This refers to contributions of money, skills development, training, mentoring and other activities to assist qualifying emerging black empowered and black-owned businesses in growing successfully and independently.


Our flagship Enterprise Development Initiative (EDI), which started in 2008, aims to provide a sustainable impact on the development of small and medium-sized black enterprises (SMEs) across South Africa. In 2009, tailored two-hour mentoring sessions were provided to SMEs by over 400 KPMG professionals.


Socio-Economic Development (SED) refers to the monetary or non-monetary contributions to a community working to uplift itself by participating in the economy. Unlike in ED, recipients do not have commercial motives.

With SED, we try to put our skills to work in ways that will help communities achieve sustainable access to the economy. This can include initiatives such as creating reports for stakeholders, drafting fund-raiser proposals or helping NGOs manage their financial affairs.
Corporate Philanthropy is the act of donating money or other resources to charities and worthy causes. It is simple and purposeful giving. Corporate Philanthropy steps in where ED and SED leave off. Collecting cash donations, establishing soup kitchens, our annual National Winter Charity Drive and Christmas Tree project, hosting parties for children’s homes and many other activities fall under this banner.


KPMG in South Africa is also a proud member of Business Against Crime South Africa (BACSA). Crime is a key issue in South Africa and BACSA was established to assist the Government by complementing its resources with the entrepreneurial, managerial and technological skills that the private sector is able to offer.

Giving Back - Third Edition

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Caring about the communities in which we live and work is one of the cornerstones of KPMG’s values. This third edition of Giving Back provides an overview of KPMG’s contributions to our communities.