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Data and Analytics

KPMG can help turn data into value. After all, we have decades of experience analysing tax, audit and business data.

Go beyond the data

Stop struggling with your data. Start winning with it. KPMG knows how to generate insight from data, helping organisations drive competitive advantage.

We combine deep business experience with cutting-edge capabilities and proven solutions to help our clients make better, faster decisions in all areas of their business.

And, in doing so, we can help organizations go beyond their data to increase revenue, reduce costs and manage risk throughout the enterprise.

Companies that invest wisely in data and analytics technologies and human expertise are likely to develop effective D&A strategies.

As these strategies improve companies’ fundamental businesses and operating models, they achieve stronger competitive positions and higher market valuations. These results, in turn, encourage companies to continue developing the right data and analytics strategies.

This research surveyed over 200 institutional investors, who believe that there is a strong correlation between a robust D&A strategy and how a company is valued in the market. Read more

Clients are beginning to understand that with all the data out there, they need to be able to get insights and understand what their data is telling them.

However, a large majority of clients around the world are still struggling to understand how to turn these insights into value.

Our research, conducted in major markets around the world, looks into the issues faced by clients as they try to turn their data into real business value. Read more


Our Data and Analytics videos get to the core of what we do on a daily basis at KPMG with Data and Analytics.


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Our credentials document showcases just some of the projects we’ve managed using Data and Analytics at KPMG.

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Data & Analytics 

Once, decision-making was largely driven by intuition and experience. Today’s winners are those with the most insightful grasp of their data. KPMG Data & Analytics (D&A) advisors can help, with a unique combination of skills, tools and experience to bridge the gap between the data you have and the knowledge you need.