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    How corporate counsel are crossing frontiers to address new challenges

    The latest report Over the horizon: How corporate counsel are crossing frontiers to address new challenges, is a follow-up to the 2012 General Counsel (GC) survey taking a closer look at the broadening role of GC.
    Modified date: 2015/07/31
    Survey report

    Electronic data and litigation: are you ready?

    “Electronically Stored Information (ESI) has become invaluable in litigation today and in many countries its disclosure is a requirement.”
    Modified date: 2015/04/20
    Business and industry issue

    Africa Fraud Barometer

    KPMG has released the findings of the inaugural Africa Fraud Barometer. The initiative is a first effort to measure fraud on the African continent and expose the risk of fraud for companies in their day-to-day operations.
    Modified date: 2013/10/28
    Press release

    Data loss barometer: issue 2 — 2009

    The data loss barometer 2009 unveils KPMG's worldwide research into reported data loss incidents.
    Modified date: 2013/06/26
    Survey report

    Fighting Fraud Issue 28 Autumn 2009

    As the recession continues to deepen in the global economy, the impact and existence of fraud and corruption is becoming more prevalent.
    Modified date: 2013/05/28
    Business and industry issue

    At Risk Summer 2009

    Recessionary Fraud or a Fraud-Fuelled Recession? There is a school of thought that the current recession has been caused by business malpractice or, more bluntly, fraud.
    Modified date: 2013/05/28
    Business and industry issue

    Don’t generalise about corruption in Africa

    The release of KPMG second Africa Fraud Barometer shows a positive trend in a decrease in the number of reported cases of fraud. | KPMG
    Modified date: 2012/11/23
    Press release