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  • Industry: Power & Utilities, Construction
  • Type: Business and industry issue
  • Date: 2013/10/07

Shale Development: A Global Update - Focus on US, China, Argentina, Australia, Indonesia and UK 

Shale is fast transforming itself from “tomorrow’s big thing” to become an essential part of the global energy sector.
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Although the US is still way out in front in terms of commercializing this valuable asset, other markets are playing an accelerated game of catch-up, with a series of discoveries and technological advances.


Energy security is the word on every government’s lips, with shale promising to bring greater self-sufficiency, significant revenue from industrialization, exporting surplus volumes, and a reduced carbon footprint.

This report discusses the global shale market and looks at developments in the big three – US, China and Argentina – as well as in Australia, Indonesia and the UK. It provides some compelling insights into an evolving sector as well as some pointers to the future shape of global shale markets.


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