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  • Industry: Oil & Gas
  • Type: Survey report
  • Date: 2014/01/31

KPMG A leader in the Oil & Gas industry 

Oil & Gas remains one of the world’s largest industries. In terms of value, Oil & Gas exports total more than 15 percent of global exports. Over 10 percent of the value of the world’s stock markets are invested in the energy sector, and eight of the top ten global FORTUNE companies are energy companies.
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Despite these impressive numbers, global energy demand will continue to exceed supply. Even with increased energy efficiency, world energy consumption is estimated to rise by 56 percent over the next three decades, with half of this increase driven by greater demand from China and India.2 Oil will remain the main source of energy while natural gas will overtake coal as the second-largest energy source. Alternative energy will continue to account for the highest growth rates in the global energy mix. In this publication, KPMG’s Global Energy Institute a worldwide knowledge-sharing platform detailing insights into current issues and emerging trends within the Oil & Gas sectors.

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