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2014 South African Insurance Survey

About the Survey

The annual KPMG South African Insurance survey was launched on 7 August 2014.

With the amount of change that the industry is facing it was not a struggle to obtain adequate content for our survey this year. We have attempted to include a variety of topics but you will note that many of our featured articles focus on data quality and the availability and use of information. We know that these aspects are becoming extremely crucial for insurance companies and their service providers with SAM on the horizon.

Two of the BRICS countries were the hosting nations of the 2014 and 2010 FIFA World Cup Football Tournaments, being Brazil and South Africa. With this in mind we have included a thought provoking article on the opportunities for insurers in high growth markets. Trends in these markets were discussed with KPMG insurance leaders and have highlighted the opportunities currently prevailing and a sense of what is to come.

Our survey would not be complete without some regulatory content. Just as it seemed you had everything under control you realised that you were not going fast enough! On a less serious note we have benchmarked the remuneration models of football players and insurance executives – the results . . . are too interesting not to read!


But these are only a few of the topics featured in this year’s edition. As always we have included and analysed the financial results of the year gone by. We have made every effort to ensure that the content in this publication is fresh, relevant and thought provoking. We trust that you will find this publication insightful and we invite you to contact us should you require any additional information or assistance.

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