International Social Security 

KPMG LLP’s International Social Security group provides advice to companies related to social security taxes, an often-overlooked but potentially very significant tax.

The social security tax area is characterized by complexity as a result of international agreements and uncertainty where international rules have differing interpretations than domestic legislation.


Many international social security agreements (i.e., totalization agreements) include special rules for workers in the following categories:


  • Self-employed
  • Detached workers
  • Directors
  • Mariners
  • International transport workers
  • Government/diplomatic staff
  • Teachers/students
  • Certain workers in the oil and gas industry

Our International Social Security professionals have the experience and knowledge to assist multinational organizations with reviewing and analyzing complex social security situations affecting globally mobile employees. Services KPMG offers include:


  • Assistance with developing a global social security strategy based upon specific corporate needs
  • Compliance reviews to determine if appropriate documentation is in place to support the social security positions taken with respect to employees and develop recommendations to reduce social security costs
  • Review of international social security/totalization agreements and management of the certificate of coverage process (which documents the exemption from host country coverage), beginning with the application for the certificate of coverage through tracking the expiration of these certificates and applying for extensions if needed
  • Working with local social security agencies to help resolve unusual situations
  • Review of specific transfer situations to determine appropriate social security planning (e.g., qualification as a detached worker)
  • Advising on a global employment structure, if necessary, to assist with implementing social security planning


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