Global Tax Technology Practice 

Managing tax obligations on a world-wide basis is complex and demanding for an organization. Finding new ways to generate revenues to replenish country coffers depleted from years of difficult economic times mean tax authorities are ever more vigilant about companies complying with local regulations. Tax technology tools help streamline processes, strengthen controls and provide an efficient and transparent way to more effectively manage complex tax requirements.

KPMG LLP has been developing tax technology tools since 1988. KPMG’s Global Tax Technology practice (GTTP) is a multi-disciplinary team of professionals, proficient in both tax technical issues and technology innovation, responsible for developing, delivering and supporting software applications for KPMG's Tax clients and Tax professionals across the U.S. and around the world.


The software we develop is market-leading and addresses issues ranging from complex tax analysis and planning to resource management. Whether you need a tool to help with corporate restructuring, tax audit tracking, managing corporate compliance on a global basis, or supporting a global work-force, KPMG has the tools to help.


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