Food, Drink & Consumer Goods 

Food, drink, and consumer goods companies are the foundation of the modern consumer-based economy. However, changing demographics, weakening consumer demand, volatile input and energy costs, expansion into emerging markets, outsourcing, and branding are all having an impact on today’s consumer businesses.

To help address these issues, companies are seeking ways to fine tune their supply chains, make their offerings more competitive, and discover new channels of distribution. This is where KPMG LLP can help.

The professionals in our Food, Drink, and Consumer Goods practice have extensive experience working with clients across all segments of the industry. This gives them deep knowledge and valuable insight into the business complexities our clients face.

In addition, our track record in major markets provides us with knowledge to assist our clients in recognizing opportunities and taking actions in response to industry, marketplace, and regulatory changes.


2014 FDCG Industry Outlook Survey

Certain Pillars stand the test of time even in the current marketplace. "new and Improved" is the known mantra for food, drinks and consumer goods (FDCG) companies, the consumer will always be the most important stakeholder to a successful business, and product innovation is and always will be a mainstray strategy for growth

High Growth Markets Magazine - Unleashing Africas Potential

High Growth Markets Magazine - Unleashing Africas Potential

Publication Date: 22 SEP 2014 | Expiry Date: 22 MAR 2016 | United States
Infrastructure Marketing and Communications Marketing Services | Strategic Channel;, High Growth Markets


By looking beyond the BRIC countries and expanding geographic focus, many are uncovering that underdeveloped markets are poised for growth. It is evident that opportunities within high growth markets are trending up and will continue to be an important long-term investment strategy for international businesses. This latest issue of High Growth Markets examines some of those opportunities and challenges that exist in emerging economies for global investors.

Consumer Executive Top of Mind Survey 2014

Consumer Executive Top of Mind Survey 2014
KPMG’s Global Consumer Markets practice and The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) worked together for the second year to conduct the Global Consumer Executive Top of Mind survey.

Consumer Currents 18

Consumer Currents 18
This semi-annual flagship magazine includes articles addressing key issues faced by consumer markets executives. Contents for issue 18 include interview with Chairman of John Lewis, ASEAN, scarce commodities and pricing.

How KPMG can help

    We offer a number of services to help our clients address the issues they face, in the key areas of growth, operations and managing risk. These issues include:

    • Shifts in consumer behavior
    • Financial management – cost management, budgeting, and forecasting and tax strategies
    • Business operating model structure
    • Integration of new technology
    • Talent management
    • Operational efficiency – supply chain management, commodity price volatility, sourcing, business intelligence
    • Innovation and R&D
    • Reporting and regulation - corporate governance and stakeholder expectations, IFRS
    • Sustainability and the environment
    • Market entry and expansion
    • Mergers and acquisitions

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    Pat Dolan

    Pat Dolan
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