Advisory Opportunities with KPMG’s Japanese Practice 

Message to Advisory Transactions and Restructuring (Transactions & Restructuring) candidates

KPMG’s T&R practice offers an exciting, diverse work environment with plenty of challenging opportunities. As a Big Four transactions advisor we are engaged in high-profile transactions, both domestic and cross-border, across all industries. In addition, the firm provides countless training and educational opportunities in addition to valuable skills learned on the job. Overall, it is a great place to develop your career.
Advantages of being a bilingual professional at KPMG:

Value to clients/firm – For a Japanese Practice client initiating a cross-border transaction, having a bilingual advisor makes the overall M&A process much easier as it eliminates potential communication issues. From the firm’s perspective, a bilingual professional’s ability to work on both Japanese Practice and non-Japanese Practice engagements is highly valuable as it allows flexibility in assigning individuals to various projects. This is especially pertinent in the T&R practice where the ever-changing, cyclical nature of the M&A market makes it difficult to forecast future project flow.

Coordination with KPMG Japan

Frequent communication with the KPMG Japan offices is critical to the T&R practice, since many of the Japanese Practice engagements are referrals from our Japan office. As a result, it is highly valuable to have a bilingual professional in the U.S. who can act as a liaison between KPMG US and KPMG Japan.

Differences/similarities between Japanese Practice and Non-Japanese Practice

The core skill-set required as well as the overall learning experience is very comparable between the Japanese Practice and non-Japanese Practice professionals in T&R. In addition, we expect our bilingual Japanese Practice professionals to be able to conduct non-Japanese engagements like other local U.S. professionals. The work environment is very similar between the two, especially within T&R, since our teams have been integrated together.

Duties/expectations of each level:

  • T&R Associate
  • The primary focus in this role will be performing detailed analysis on financial information received from the target company and managing such data.

  • T&R Sr. Associate
  • Primary duties in this role include supporting the Associate with their analyses and preparing client deliverables (e.g., due diligence reports). An experienced Senior Associate is expected to be able to manage relatively smaller engagements on their own.

  • T&R Manager/Sr. Manager/Director
  • These roles have responsibility over day-to-day project management, including managing staff’s work, preparing/reviewing client deliverables, and leading discussions with our client and Target. They also play a significant role in business development initiatives by actively marketing our services to new and existing clients.

  • T&R Partner
  • Has overall responsibility of engagements including final review of client deliverables. Also, partners are instrumental in maintaining relationships with our clients. A partner's position is measured against certain established criteria. Reflecting the firm’s values and priorities, these criteria are aligned with three specific careers "tracks:" Technical Leadership, Client Service Leadership, and People & Business Management Leadership.

Additional Opportunities with KPMG's Japanese Practice: