KPMG Learning Announcement – Delivering Quality Training; Driving High Performance 

As many Japanese companies are beginning or planning their transition to financial reporting under International Financial Reporting Standards, it will be critical for these companies to ensure that their accounting and finance professionals have the requisite understanding of IFRS to implement a successful transition. KPMG Learning has tools to aid in the transition.


KPMG Learning provides you with direct access to a variety of training and executive education programs designed to help you and key members of your organization address “skill gaps” in specific topics or remain current with continuing professional education (CPE) requirements. With our broad range of offerings, high quality instruction, and insightful thought leadership, KPMG Learning can help you remain competitive in today’s evolving financial reporting and regulatory environment.


KPMG Learning provides a mix of web-based self-studies, webcasts, seminars (on-site and public) and custom-built courses. This mix of offerings includes a premier, 3-day Seminar called IFRS – Practical Application and Comparison to U.S. GAAP, held in various cities in the U.S., as well as more than 30 web-based trainings covering various IFRS topics. The web-based trainings are accessible globally directly through the KPMG Learning site.


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