KPMG and Corporate Responsibility  

KPMG LLP Chairman and CEO John Veihmeyer and the firm's commitment to Corporate Responsibility were recently featured in two publications. Follow the links below for PDF reprints.

LEADERS Magazine (PDF)


John Veihmeyer is one of a number of corporate leaders who discuss their strategies for Corporate Responsibility (CR) in the latest issue of LEADERS magazine.


In his interview, Veihmeyer describes his passion for CR, and talks about how CR can contribute to the success of any organization.


“We believe that corporate responsibility is about companies and organizations conducting their businesses with the highest level of integrity.” Veihmeyer said, citing KPMG’s four-pillar approach to CR: Ethics, Corporate Citizenship, Diversity, and Environmental Sustainability.



Profiles in Diversity Journal (PDF)


Veihmeyer is also featured in the March/April CEO Edition of Profiles in Diversity Journal, and was among several dozen CEOS recognized for their achievements, leadership, commitment to, and engagement in, diversity.


Veihmeyer says a strong, diverse culture can benefit not just the organization, but individuals, as well: “My passion (for diversity) is shared by KPMG’s people at all levels of the firm,” he said.